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File Sharing

To collaborate with your team it is important to be able to share files easily. Therefore TRC tries very hard to make it as easy as possible to share files.

Web client

The web client provides the easiest way to share files. You can simply drag then from your desktop, or click the icon on the bottom right to select files from your computer, Dropbox and many other locations.

upload icon

The url will be placed in the text box. SImply press enter to send it, or add a witty comment.

Desktop client

Most desktop clients do not natively support uploading files to the web, so another solution had to be found. Almost every single client supports DCC SEND, which allows you to send files directly to another user.

Support was added to Hubot to upload files to a web-accessible location.

To share a file you basically right-click on hubot and select send file, depending on your client. After the file has been uploaded, type hubot recent files to see a list of uploaded files. Some clients might render a preview of your file.

The Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to display this content.

Note that there are several different kinds of DCC SEND.


This is the easier option, but not all clients support it. It requires no configuration and works behind firewalls.


The most commonly supported transfer method is active, meaning that the sender hosts the file and hubot connects to it. If you are behind a NAT, this means you'll have to forward ports.

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