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 +====== Immediacy ======
 +You might wonder why you would use IRC if your team is in one room, or at least in the same building. The answer is immediacy.
 +When you talk to someone, or call them, they have to drop everything they are doing and talk to you right now. On the other extreme is mail, which is not very immediate but also not real-time. It might take hours or days to get a reply.
 +IRC is both real-time and non-immediate. The discussion can hapily go on in without you, but you can drop in at any moment, read the backlog and join the real-time discussion.
 +But what if you do need to grab someones attention? This is just what highlights are for. In most IRC clients, mentioning someones name causes a sound or notification to pop up. Your IRC client can be configured with additional highlighted words, so that you get a notification when something that concerns you is mentioned.
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