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For this tutorial we assume your server is

Log in

Browse to and log in with the username admin and the password admin.

Change the admin password

Click on Your Settings in the sidebar. Enter your new password in the password and confirm password fields. Scroll down and click save.

Add new users

The easiest way to add users is to use the registration module.

Simply click Register in the side bar, fill in the form and click create.

After your team mates have registered, you should disable the module in Global Settings by unchecking the register checkbox and clicking Save.

Chat via the web

Browse to, enter your username in the nickanme field and enter your password in the password field. Click start.

Chat via your IRC client

The procedure may be slightly different for every client, but in general you need to add a network and fill in the following details:

port 6697
nickname Can be anything
username Your ZNC username
server password Your ZNC password

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