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 ====== Add new users ====== ====== Add new users ======
-The easiest way to add users is to clone an existing user via **List Users** and then **[clone]**. Enter a new **username** and **password**(x2). Scroll down to **flags** and check or uncked the **admin** checkbox. Click **save**.+The easiest way to add users is to use the [[registration]] module.
-{{:​screen_shot_2013-04-30_at_11.56.37_am.png|}}+Simply click **Register** in the side bar, fill in the form and click **create**. 
 +After your team mates have registered, you should disable the module in **Global Settings** by unchecking the **register** checkbox and clicking **Save**.
 ====== Chat via the web ====== ====== Chat via the web ======
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