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ZNC user registration

It can be tricky and tiresome to manually give all your employees ZNC accounts. To simplify this, TRC provides a registration module.

The registration form can be found at

Enable registration

Note: Registration is already enabled on new installations.

  1. Go to and sign in as an admin user.
  2. Click on Global Settings in the side bar.
  3. Tick the register checkbox under Global Modules.
  4. Click Save


By using the register module, anyone can create an account. Be sure to disable it after you are done.


If you enter a salt in the text box next to the module in Global Settings, it will be used to hash the desired username. The hash is then verified against the verification code.

The verification code is md5(salt + username), so if bob wanted to create an account and you salt is banana his verification code would be bfa34ad9b078609ac4a6434b7d1ebacb

Try it out on

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