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ZNC is a bouncer that is always connected and saves your messages while you are away. This pages lists some essential information and configuration details.


By default, ZNC listens on port 6697 over SSL. This port is used for both IRC and the web interface.

The web interface is at

You can connect to ZNC from your IRC client with the following information:

port 6697
nickname Can be anything
username Your ZNC username
server password Your ZNC password


If your company has a firewall that restricts port 6697, you can go to Global Settings and add a port. Even lower ports like 80 and 25 are supported.

You can also disable SSL, but this is not recommended.

Adding users

The simplest way to add users is to use the registration module.

If you want to add users manually, it is recommended to clone a correctly configured user via List Users and then [clone]. Enter a new username and password(x2). Scroll down to flags and check or uncked the admin checkbox. Click save.


If you want to create a user from scratch you need to fill out the Add User form, and then click [edit].

This will bring you to the same form you just completed, except now you can [add] a network.

Make sure you enter in the Servers of this IRC network field.

The Adobe Flash Plugin is needed to display this content.


Modules add extra functionality to ZNC and exist on a global, per user and per network level.

By default the global Registration and webadmin modules are loaded.

Modules can be loaded and unloaded in Global Settings and Your settings.

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